Introduction of MINAS



In global level, Court of arbitration for Sport resolves sport-related dispute, it is the rite that county around the world respect and fulfill their decisions. In addition to sport diversity widening in our country, are expected to increase in sport-related disputes. There is more than one situation that athletes faced problems due to the fact that there is no professional organization to resolve this kind of dispute. Hence, they faced a demand to establish interference and professional arbitration that can resolve dispute fairly. Rather than resolve of disputes from the governmental court, it is more beneficial for the sport honor and more effective for both parties by choosing their own defendant dispute resolving organization, resolving their dispute by specialists inside their own sport field     


In Mongolia, Permanent activity of Mongolian International and National Arbitration for sport established in 7th of February, 2017; registered by authorization and started our activity with the mission of resolving sport organization or sport-related dispute, unbiased review and approve, keep parties right, freedom, and legitimate interest equally. In foreign area activity International Arbitration for Sport Council associated with the Court of Arbitration and in domestic area, The State Great Khural approved revised law of Arbitration on 26th of January in 2017.


Based on the rule of Sport arbitration approved by International and National Arbitration for Sport Association on 1st of January in 2017, revised law of Arbitration, permanent activity of procedural standard rule, Sport arbitration procedural rule has developed and approved. It regulated that Case and dispute will be resolved by a total of 21 arbitrators and these arbitrators composition of professional lawyers and one representative from each some sport organizations by this rule


Currently, Mongolian national Olympic Committee, National archery, JUDO, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Athletics, Boxing, Football, Archery and Cycling federation appointed their arbitrators and rest of them are judges, Prosecutors, Attorneys and lawyers


Mongolian International and National Arbitration for Sport structured as:


Published: 2017-05-12 07:33:06